Communication and Relationships

Relationships are tough regardless if they’re friendships, family, or dating/spouses. To make any relationship successfully, you need to start with communication. But what type of communication? Who knew but there are so many types.

  1. Honesty
    – Being honest with yourself and the other person is probably the best gift you could give your relationship and the best chance you will have at this not falling apart at the seems!
  2. Listen
    – Are you good at listening to the other person? Do you hear them? Listening and actually hearing what they’re saying isn’t the same thing. Be present in the conversation.
  3. What’s with the volume?
    – When you raise your voice, then is that anger? Anger is an emotion but when you raise your voice in combination, that’s a cause and effect form of communication. When you yell and scream, the other person will do that or worse, they’ll try to top you! If this occurs, bring it down an octave and speak calmly. This tactic could regroup everyone and perhaps bring a faster, more rational resolution.
  4. Negative or Positive?
    – We all have bad days, no one is perfect. But if you’re negative all the time, the other person will respond to that, and not in the best way. Try to be “glass half full” about life and see how things change! 🙂

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