Yummy Food For Thought

Recently I started watching a pilot show on Hulu, so of course one has to ask the question…will it make it to season two or bite the dust after just a few episodes?


Well, I personally believe (and hope) season two will most likely happen. Why? Because there’s this character that said something that struck me at the very beginning of episode one.


“It takes a special kind of person to swim in the pain of the world and not get wet!”


Now, THAT is some unique, yummy food for thought…here’s why:


My passion has always been people. I try to leave YOU better than I found you in the first place. Meaning, I focus on your needs, your feelings and what I possibly could do to improve your current M.O.


What’s my motivation? Everyone seems to have one these days right, nothing is for nothing (or so they say). Believe me, there is absolutely no ulterior motive or selfish motivation for personal benefits; as you may have experienced from manipulative people.


I’m a firm believer that this life is not about ME.


This is my mantra and how I approach just about everything that I do and every interaction that I have. I suppose the Hulu show struck a chord deep in me since I feel I am THAT person that swims daily in the pain of the world and doesn’t get wet. It completely changes your perspective on life, relationships, friendships, and even work. You start to appreciate people differently and even value them in a new way. HOWEVER, this is not done alone! I am a believer in Jesus Christ. And because I am, it sets me free to be.


John 8:32 ESV says “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”.


Jesus says over and over again, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.


The truth is that God is love. He wants us to love our neighbors just the same as our enemies as

rough as that may be at times.


God doesn’t discriminate, why would I?


There is a fair amount of the unknown, however here are a few ideas on where we have a bit of control.


  • Knowing who you are

  • What you stand for

  • Determining where you want to go in life

  • And…who you decide to take along and share the ride


But there’s a fair amount of not knowing, God’s good about that.


He likes to give a glimpse or perhaps the concept of HOPE each step so we don’t get ahead of ourselves.


Let’s all remember: God timing is perfect. He’s never early, later, and never disappoints, so let’s sing along with the birds and enjoy the ride!


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