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Dare to be Authentic – Let Yourself Shine is a book of eight contributing authors who have authentically shared their journey to shining their light brighter in this world. You will find true stories that will inspire and uplift. The resounding message in this book is: “You were born to shine!” Each author shares their truth of becoming authentic. Through painful memories, to glorious revelations…this book will encourage and inspire you to shine as well.

Dare to Be Authentic – Volume 4 Let Your Light Shine!




“The message that I received was that no matter who you are or what stage of your walk in life you are at, we all have had trials but it’s up to us to manage how we proceed to the next step.

Do you take the unsuccessful, negative poor me route? Or do you choose the path of hope and perseverance over the negative in your life.

I definitely chose to kick butt.” ~ Joy



Tracie Pundyke is a gifted author with amazing insight into what is really important in life and what is not. She does not allow the things she cannot change create roadblocks. Instead, she changes trajectory according to the light of the Holy Spirit which shines through her as her lifelong guide. Many of us can learn from Tracie through her style of life coaching, how she listens intently to more than just the words spoken, and allowing life experiences, good or bad…not define us. ~ Christina


I  had the pleasure to work alongside Tracie in our Christian Coach Institute training course. She is as authentic and real in person as she is within the pages of her latest book, Dare to be Authentic, Vol. 4 – Let Your Let Shine. She coaches with an open heart and listening ear. Many people understand each other and hear what is being said, but to truly listen to each word giving to you in the present moment and respond with compassion is a gift. I liked in the book how she explains listening vs. hearing and how she asks deeper, powerful thinking questions…such as “Who am I”? and “How do you cope in difficult situations?” If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, I believe she is in short supply. A great gift for all friends, family and loved ones. ~ Debbie